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Residential Electrical Services

Your Trusted Partner for Home Electrical Solutions

CONTACT US AT 616-500-0637

Welcome to The Versatile Handyman, your go-to partner for top-notch residential electrical services. Safeguarding your home with a robust and efficient electrical system is our priority. We are committed to providing safe, reliable, and efficient electrical solutions for your home. Our team of skilled electricians is committed to providing reliable solutions tailored to your needs, whether you're building a new home or making additions to your existing one.


Electrical Inspections

Ensure the safety of your home with our comprehensive electrical inspections. Our experts identify potential hazards, troubleshoot existing issues, and provide recommendations for improvements.

Outlet and Switch Upgrades

Upgrade your home's electrical outlets and switches for improved functionality and safety. We offer a variety of options, including USB outlets and smart switches, perfect for new constructions and additions.

Security System Wiring

Safeguard your home with our expert security system wiring services. We seamlessly integrate security systems into your electrical infrastructure, providing optimal protection for both new constructions and additions.

Wiring and Rewiring

Choose us for efficient and code-compliant wiring and rewiring services. Whether you're constructing a new home or adding extensions, our electricians ensure your wiring meets the highest safety standards.

Circuit Breaker Services

Ensure the stability of your electrical system with our circuit breaker services. We install, repair, and upgrade circuit breakers to protect your home from electrical overloads during new construction or renovations.

New Construction and Additions

Rely on us for all your electrical needs during new construction or additions. We specialize in designing and implementing electrical systems that meet the unique requirements of your project, ensuring a safe and efficient power supply.

Lighting Installation

Illuminate your space with style and efficiency. Our team specializes in the installation of energy-efficient lighting solutions, from LED fixtures to smart lighting systems, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Generator Installation

Be prepared for unexpected power outages with our generator installation services. We help you choose the right generator for your needs and ensure a seamless installation process, ideal for both new constructions and existing homes. For more information on generators, click here.

Why Choose The Versatile Handyman?

  • Experienced and Licensed Electricians

  • Prompt and Reliable Service

  • Transparent Pricing

  • Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Contact Us: For all your residential electrical needs, contact The Versatile Handyman today. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and functionality of your home's electrical system. Call us at 616-500-0637 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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